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How to set up your Turbo Boutique profile

Welcome to Turbo Boutique! The next step is creating your stand out profile. Please be sure to copy + paste the questions below and add them to the ‘Description’ section of your profile set up.

  1. Passport Holder? (Yes or No + Country)
  2. FAA Certified? (Yes or No)
  3. Years of Experience?
  4. Visas held (Country)
  5. Languages?
  6. Flight attendant school
  7. School graduation date
  8. Food preparation experience
  9. What jets have I worked on?
  10. Any other applicable certifications
  11. Short bio (up to 500 words)

Additionally, all images must be of the highest quality and of a professional nature for the aviation industry.Images are expected to be clear and not distorted. reserves the right to remove any picture that it feels does not meet the web site’s terms and conditions.